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It takes some time to create engaging content on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and to understand what really makes your fans tick and what resonates within the community. Nowadays it is essential to be present on many social media platforms, however, it is better to have two or three and do it right. Each platform works in a different way and here is a quick guide how to make the most of them.

Engaging Content on Facebook 


In status update keep things positive since positivity sparks engagement and sharing and it will help you inspire and excite your customers.

Provide information- the most appealing updates are ones that offer something, but at the same time do not reveal everything. Do not forget to provide a link. Also if you are going to provide a link use . It will help you track how many people are clicking through from your Facebook Page.

Include images as posts with images get the highest amount of engagement. Make sure that the size is right 800×600 pixels. Use simple images that will be easily seen on mobile devices since 70% of your fans will be viewing your post on their phone. Finally, post when your audience is listening not just when your business is open.

Engaging Content on Twitter

twitter logo

Use the right format. Use questions, facts and figures to engage with viewers and drive retweets. Check the punctuation. Do not sacrifice grammar just because you have got 140 characters. Avoid abbreviations and all caps. Do not forget to use mentions to prompt influencers to engage with you and then respond. Retweet relevant content for your audience. Do not forget to leave 20 characters, so people can add content. Finally, shorten url. links generate the most retweets, so shorten all your URLs.

Engaging Content on Google Plus

google plus

Increase your page’s reach by adding relevant hashtags to your post i.e. #infographic. Remember that Google Plus will automatically add a hashtag for key/trending topics. Tag brands and people, when applicable, they will get a notification and potentially engage with that post. Get involved with the trending topics to show that your brand is keeping up with real-time events. This will also increase your brand visibility. Use images 800×600 pixels that will make your posts stand out on the page compared to thumbnails. Finally, find relevant communities, engage and contribute. You will see an increase in engagement.

Paulina credits her father for her early love of small business marketing, hot air ballooning, and her overall adventurous spirit. Her initial work experience at her father’s successful company and years spent as a hot air balloon pilot/observer combined with her educational background and extensive travels have made Paulina a true self-starter. She knows how to grow a business from scratch, build long-term relationships, achieve repeat sales, and gain referrals. She uses many cost effective tools and techniques to support the businesses so they will prosper and soar. You can find her on LinkedIn or Twitter

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