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Here are 21 Social Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) success tips for your business:

  1. Engage, inspire & entertain your followers
  2. Make sure your content is fresh & relevant
  3. Offer useful tips, practical advice, how-to lists, and expert insight so your customers want to come back for more
  4. On Facebook, it’s less about “likes” and more about making genuine connections
  5. Understand that the three primary reasons people go online is to research, for interactivity, and for entertainment
  6. Respond to positive & negative comments immediately
  7. Identify & tap into influencers
  8. Remember the 80/20 rule: it’s more about relationship building and less about selling
  9. Create a personal story for your business and personalize your brand
  10. Optimize your profile for increased search
  11. Go SoLoMo (SOcial LOcal MObile)
  12. Have a multi-pronged strategy utilizing several platforms that build off one another
  13. Create & curate quality content that is share worthy
  14. Although Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are all gaining ground, Facebook is still King
  15. Thank people when they do post positive reviews online
  16. Use an editorial calendar to plan your social medial activity
  17. If you want people to discover you online, what are your keywords? Keywords are the new neon signs so plug into them!
  18. Go where your customers are; you don’t have to be everywhere to grow your business
  19. People prefer infographics & visual data over a bunch of stats
  20. Don’t give up too soon. It takes time, effort and persistence to make an impression
  21. Doing it all effectively can be a huge time suck so consider hiring a professional!

Lori Cowen recently retired from corporate America--27 years in Higher Education textbook publishing with Pearson--to begin her "second act" and return her first love of writing. Her focus right now is on helping small businesses with their social media and content marketing needs. She will blog on a variety of topics, write e-mail ads, newsletters, and Facebook/Twitter posts.  Lori is an avid reader (goes back and forth between e-books and print books; still prefers paperbacks while poolside or at the beach) and also enjoys walking, photography, and spending time with her many nieces and nephews.  She just completed her first children's book, Emelia's Ring, which she hopes to publish Fall 2013. A life-long resident of the New York metropolitan area, Lori and her husband currently live in Bergen County, NJ.

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